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      Chirstmas holiday card with illustration of down coat, winter boots, mittens, knit hat and face mask to show that holiday parties in 2020 will be held outside
      $5.00 Item No. 771A2FP
      Christmas card with a play on the ugly sweater tradition. This sweater has a face mask with a christmas tree knit into it.
      $5.00 Item No. 772A2FP
      Christmas card with red christmas stockings hanging six feet apart in a forest of coniferous trees
      $5.00 Item No. 773A2FP
      Christmas card with a red face mask and caligraphic script typograhy wishing someone good health
      $5.00 Item No. 774A2FP
      greeting card with illustration of cloth face mask with Hanukkah menorah on it
      $5.00 Item No. 770A2FP