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Waterknot is about connection. We tie outstanding illustration to wholehearted messages. We’ve been creating and curating images and words for over a decade. We bring artists and writers together to design cards and gifts that foster truly meaningful human connection. 

Waterknot is about community. We want to help you celebrate the good times and support you when things get tough. We share your desire to connect to each other in an authentic way. Sending a greeting card is an affirmation that we are better together. Together we create something bigger than the sum of its parts. Together we are a force for good. Together we increase our positive impact by giving back to equitable and environmental causes with every purchase of our sustainably produced product range.

Waterknot is about exploration, discovery and adventure. We honor the joy of surprise, delight and wonder. At home, in town or outside the world overflows with amazements. Whether you are exploring your local forest, discovering your new favorite restaurant or are happily lost in the grand adventure that is falling in love, Waterknot is here to celebrate and inspire.

Simply put, Waterknot brings together amazing art and meaningful messages to promote positivity and create connection.

What's a waterknot, anyway? A waterknot is used by climbers to tie two pieces of nylon webbing together. Its beauty lies in its strength and simplicity. It is practically fail-safe. The more force applied to pull it apart, the tighter it becomes. We love this as a metaphor for strong, clean design. 

Josh Nusbaum: Founder, Owner, Illustrator and Graphic Designer
Raised in the Pacific Northwest, Josh has over 19 years of experience working as a professional graphic designer and illustrator as well as educational degrees in Art, Environmental Studies and Graphic Design. As a business owner and creative professional, he understands your needs as a client and always delivers on time and on budget.

When not creating designs and illustrations of America's wild places, Josh can be found skiing, hiking, rafting, sea kayaking, playing guitar or exploring parks and campgrounds with his family in their pop-up trailer.