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      Waterknot makes original illustration and design that celebrates outdoor adventure and inspires discovery. Our humorous and romantic take on getting outside fosters meaningful connection between people everywhere. And really, it's this connection that is the most important part of what we do.

      It is our most sincere hope that our cards provide inspiration, humor and the ability to say something you might not have been able to say yourself. We offer peace of mind and hope. We encourage a sense of being and feeling understood. Our words and pictures bring people together with happiness, laughter and love by celebrating each other and the outdoors.

      Simply put, Waterknot connects people to each other and to the wild places they love.

      What's a waterknot, anyway? A waterknot is used by climbers to tie two pieces of nylon webbing together. Its beauty lies in its strength and simplicity. It is practically fail-safe. The more force applied to pull it apart, the tighter it becomes. We love this as a metaphor for strong, clean design. 

      Josh Nusbaum: Founder, Owner, Illustrator and Graphic Designer
      Raised in the Pacific Northwest, Josh has over 17 years of experience working as a professional graphic designer and illustrator as well as educational degrees in Art, Environmental Studies and Graphic Design. As a business owner and creative professional, he understands your needs as a client and always delivers on time and on budget.

      When not creating designs and illustrations of America's wild places, Josh can be found skiing, hiking, rafting, sea kayaking, playing guitar or exploring parks and campgrounds with his family in their pop-up trailer.